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Sourcing Profits Review Does Sourcing Profits Software Scam Or Work? Find Out The Real Truth in My Sourcing Profits Review Before Download & Invest it


Sourcing Profits Review

In this article I will try to define what exactly is product sourcing and what are the implications of committing yourself to do a proper product sourcing research for your retail business.

Retail sellers need a constant supply of products that meet the quality standards expected by their clients and simultaneously with right prices (high-margin products) in order to reach their profit goals Sourcing Profits.

With that said, product sourcing research is the task that allows retail sellers find reliable wholesale sources that help them to accomplish above objectives; or in another words, product sourcing It’s nothing more than doing the proper and extensive research in order you may be able to locate genuine wholesale suppliers for you retail business (online or brick and mortar) Sourcing Profits Review.

If you have been wondering why your competition outsells you with better prices, then maybe this happens just because your lack of correct product sourcing research, if there is any, or simply, your store is been fed by NOT real wholesale suppliers Sourcing Profits Reviews.

Well, the only way for your task of doing a good product sourcing research become fruitful is when you come up with a real wholesale distributors database. these wholesale distributors must be the ONLY link between you (as retail seller) and the manufacturer Sourcing Profits Bonus.

Each additional link in the from manufacturer to your retail store chain represents less profit (lower margin) and increased chances of you being more tempted to raise your prices, at the end, this means potentially less consumers.

How do I know that the source I just found is a true wholesaler distributor?

Well, there is not a definitive response for above question, but yes, there are a few points that would help you to separate the good ones from the scams Sourcing Profits Bonuses.

The real wholesaler distributor should have a physical address.They must have some nice storage capabilities (after all, where you expect your wholesale products come from, specially with large volumes?), not just a well-designed web site. So, a reachable physical address with some people in staff is a very good sign of reliable wholesale distributors. Contact local chamber of commerce.A good idea could be to contact their local chamber of commerce or Better Business Bureau, they must be on good standing with them Sourcing Profits Scam. Search for complaints.Why not search Google for more info about this wholesaler prospect, maybe you find complaints or testimonials about them; not only search engines are good in this purpose, sites like might let you draw conclusions. Ask for references to the manufacturer of the product that you expect to sell.One the most effective ways of knowing if a wholesale distributor is who he claims to be is: contact the manufacturer of the products! After all, the manufacturer is the first link in the chain of product sourcing; sales departments of the manufacturers know who their legitimate Wholesale Suppliers are Sourcing Profits. It’s just question of looking at the packaging of the product or plastic cover, etc. to find the manufacturer, call them and ask who are their authorized wholesale distributors, they will help you, after all, they are interested in sell more of their manufactured products.

Well this is a reliable wholesale distributor, now what?

After you found that this particular wholesaler has passed the previous test all that’s left is call them and ask that you want to do business with them, that you what to buy from them directly Sourcing Profits Review. and if they are for REAL they should ask a few questions about your business, I mean you must be a legal business in order to be able to work with genuine wholesale suppliers, they will ask you for legal business paperwork and tax ID numbers, and this sort of legal issues.

By the way, you could add the following item to the above section — How Do I know that the source I just found is a true wholesaler distributor?–NO REAL wholesale supplier will allow you to do business with them if you are NOT a legally constituted business Sourcing Profits Reviews.

So, if you are a legal business and meet one or two of their specific requirements you will soon be doing business with a legitimate wholesale distributor, and you will in your way of a more profitable business.

Remember the ONLY three members of a true chain of wholesale product sourcing are:

Manufactures (sales departments) ==> Real Wholesale Suppliers ==> your store (Retailers)

Please always make sure that there is nobody else in this chain; if there is anybody else that is a parasite who will suck your profits Sourcing Profits Bonus.

Like the legendary search for the Holy Grail, the cup that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper, the same “holy crusade” goes on today by veteran and newly anointed business owners for the perfect wholesale, surplus, and drop-shipping resource. They believe that divine intervention will lead them to suppliers that can defeat the economic laws of “supply and demand.”

There are more than a few people who try to build an enterprise based on the weak premise that they will able to “score” in demand retail items for their new business, or auction, at either below wholesale prices, or “pennies on the wholesale dollar Sourcing Profits Bonuses.”

Trying to ride the wave of popular retail products brings out the greed monster in all of us. Pursuing the “deal of the century” has lead some aspiring business owners to risk their start-up capital on fraudulent deals and offers.

In this article I want to discuss three of the more sought after sources of product supply, and the “Pros & Cons” of each. I also want to shed a little light on some of the misconceptions people might have about buying “products for resale.” The reality is that not every product will be available through wholesale, surplus, and drop-shipping venues Sourcing Profits Scam.

Wholesalers: Typically, one of the better places to purchase products for your new found venture. Most true wholesalers will require that you have a “Certificate Of Resale” before you can purchase from them. A Certificate Of Resale, or “Tax & Use Certificate,” is not hard to obtain, and costs anywhere from five to twenty dollars depending on the state you live in Sourcing Profits.

Some states do not require that you even have one. You can obtain the certificate from your State Department of Revenue. For more information about sales and use tax, the websites and can provide you with further information about resale certificates and business licenses Sourcing Profits Review.

Depending on your states procedure, once you fill out the paperwork you can get your “Certificate Of Resale” number the same day. You do not have to incorporate in order to obtain a certificate. You need to be a Sole Proprietor (at the very least) and have an address where you plan to conduct business Sourcing Profits Reviews. Once you have your number you will be able to open a business checking account at most local banks. Most do not require more than a few hundred dollars to get started. Wholesalers will require a minimum purchase price that can range anywhere from 100 to 1000 dollars.

A true wholesaler is usually one step away from the original source of the product. For instance, a manufacturer produces blue widgets and wants to get their product into the marketplace Sourcing Profits Bonus. They will then employ a sales representative to get the product into the market, or they will assign a wholesale distributor the exclusive rights to carry and sell their product line. Some companies are import wholesalers. While they do not necessarily manufacture a product, they will import products from manufacturers in the United States, and from countries like China. A great example of such an importer/wholesaler is the

There are a few ways to find wholesale products Sourcing Profits Bonuses. Just about every product that is in the distribution chain will usually have a dedicated trade association, organization, or trade publication attached to it. You can find such trade information with the help of the following directory information at The National Association Of Wholesale Distributors, Go to the “About NAW” section at the top of the website and then to the “Member Associations” section. There you will find wholesale associations members for just about every product that has a retail presence Sourcing Profits Scam.

From Advertising to Woodworking. You should be able to solicit them for wholesalers within a particular industry. If you want to purchase their membership list (separate from the association listings), you will have to get in touch with them to check their current prices. Other good sources are:

Encyclopedia Of Associations By: The Gale Group

The Encyclopedia Of Associations lists over 100,000 different nonprofit American organizations Sourcing Profits. If you cannot find what you are looking for from the National Association Of Wholesale Distributors in terms of trade associations, then this is the directory for you. However, you will have to go to your library to find this research gem. You can usually find it in the reference section of any large University, or Public Library. In addition to trade associations, trade magazines are another good source. allows you to: “Search our database of over 150,000 magazines, journals, newsletters, & other periodicals Sourcing Profits Review.

Find FREE in-depth Sourcing Profits information on familiar and hard-to-find publications from around the world, representing thousands of topics.” allows you to subscribe to trade periodicals from their web site for FREE! No hidden trial offers to qualify Sourcing Profits Bonus. If you are looking for industrial product manufacturers, then this is the directory for you. The Thomas Regional directory will give you access to services from over “550,000 industrial distributors, manufacturers, and service companies Sourcing Profits Scam.”

The Thomas Regional will help you find suppliers in your own state or region. Registration is required, but you can use the directory for FREE! Other free online sources of wholesale information and offers are:,,,


Wholesale is the backbone of product supply for any type of new business venture Sourcing Profits. Large and small wholesalers are usually one step away from the manufacturer. They have the advantage of buying large quantities, and, depending on the type of merchandise, are able to pass along savings to those who are looking for “products for resale.” With wholesalers (in most cases) you can be assured of purchasing new product. I can’t think of too many “cons” when dealing with wholesalers–other than Sourcing Profits pricing. There might be items that could be too expensive to sell in the eBay auction marketplace. Remember, true wholesalers will require that you have a Certificate Of Resale in order to purchase from them Sourcing Profits Review.

Surplus & Salvage Merchandise: Another sought after source of supply is retail surplus, closeout, overstock, liquidated, and salvage merchandise. Surplus dealers, and brokers, purchase shelf-pulled, returned, overstock, closeout, liquidated, and salvage merchandise from manufacturers, retail stores, reclamation centers, bankruptcy sales, and just about any business who has slow moving or salvage merchandise Sourcing Profits Bonus.

Surplus dealers buy these obsolete items in large quantities, and then resell them to just about anyone who wants them for their eBay Auction, Flea Market, Dollar Store, or Retail Store outlet. One of the largest trade associations for the surplus industry is the International Marketing Association Of Surplus Dealers, You can find dealers throughout the United States Sourcing Profits Scam.

Other sources of finding Surplus, Salvage, Closeout, and Liquidated merchandise include the following:,,,, and National Retail Equipment Liquidators (


The “Pros” of the Surplus & Salvage merchandise is that they can offer you a variety of products at below wholesale prices. However you “market your merchandise,” you should be able to find a product, or price, that will fit into any business advertising model. In most cases, you do not need a “Certificate Of Resale” to buy products from Surplus & Salvage Dealers and brokers Sourcing Profits.

The downside is that you have to do some investigative work. Some dealers will want you to buy merchandise in quantity (a pallet minimum, truckload preferred) and you have to visit the company you are buying from to make sure that the product is, as advertised. Also, more than a few S&S dealers want payment in the form of wire transfer which can be very risky Sourcing Profits Review. Also, dealers and brokers will sometimes misrepresent the quality of the merchandise they are are selling. Before you consider doing any business with a surplus dealer, or broker, please use Google or your favorite search engine and type in: “The Ten Tenets Of The Retail Surplus And Salvage Business.”

Drop-Shipping: Supposedly the perfect business model. No inventory, no trips to the post office or UPS. You just set up shop, take the order, pass it along to the wholesale drop-shipping company and they send it out for you Sourcing Profits Bonus. Some drop-ship distributors will even send you ad copy and pictures to help you advertise their products. They can even put your return address on the package! A lot of Retail Catalog companies use drop-shippers as their means of supply.


There is one obvious advantage to drop-shipping. It is basically a “product less” venture. No need to tie up your money in inventory. Drop-Shipping can fit into any business model, or advertising method you happen to use. However, if you are an eBay Auction seller you might want to rethink that position Sourcing Profits Scam.

Finding a drop-shipping company that can deliver on a consistent basis can be tough. Drop-Shipping companies have been known to run out of merchandise. If they happen to run out of the product you are auctioning, asking buyers to wait on their product because it is “back-ordered,” does not inspire confidence Sourcing Profits.

Your negative feedback rating can pile up real quick. The other problem is expense. Some drop-shippers require a sign-up, or “entry fee” before you even start marketing their products. You might also have to pay for support materials, such as pictures and advertisement brochures for the product you choose to sell Sourcing Profits Review.

In addition, when you sell a product from a drop-shipping distributor there are processing fees that have to be paid, in order to get the product out the door and in the hands of your customer. That price can range anywhere from 5.00 to 10.00 dollars and up depending on the item. After eBay and drop-shipping fees, you can wind up losing money, or at best, breaking even. Bottom-line, drop-shipping and auction selling don’t mix Sourcing Profits Bonus. The best bet for any auction venture is to “own what you sell.”


Now that we have reviewed the “big three” let me put them into perspective. There are products that can be obtained through a few of featured supply chains, and then there are products that will never make it to the surplus, wholesale, or drop-shipping market Sourcing Profits Scam. Example: To get Louis Vuitton handbags through a surplus dealer is almost impossible. Surplus dealers that are promoting LV Handbags are misleading you.

Same is true for people who are selling designer handbags on eBay in mass quantities. The likely scenario is that they are Chinese knockoffs Sourcing Profits. Over 80 percent of popular retail products here in the United States are copied in the People’s Republic Of China. Those products include Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Calloway (Big Bertha) golf clubs, and just about any product that enjoys popular merchandising status.

There is no plan by the Chinese government to stop “knockoff” activity because it is a thriving industry that provides employment for the masses. Despite the pleas from American companies to “cease & desist,” there is a tepid response from Chinese officials to do address the issue. When raids are conducted, they are “ceremonial” public relations stunts to appear as if they are actually taking action against the counterfeiters Sourcing Profits Review.

Another indicator of authenticity is price. You will not find any authentic Louis Vuitton handbags for 30, or even 100 dollars. Most are 500.00 and up. To illustrate this point even further, just think about the popular celebrities of today who are clothes and handbag aficionados. Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, all sport around town with “Louies” that can fetch up to 10,000 dollars for an exclusive style of handbag Sourcing Profits Bonus. Do you think you will ever have access to these items in the wholesale, surplus, or drop-shipping market?

Forget it! You might not even get these in some upscale boutiques! There are people so well connected that they buy up “hot items” like LV Handbags before they even hit the stores. They know who wants these items, and they will purchase whatever is available just so they can have an exclusive for their celebrity clients. Don’t get me wrong Sourcing Profits Scam. It’s not that you can’t get “designer duds” or handbags at wholesale prices. You will not get high end clothes and accessories that are featured in the latest issue of Vogue, Cosmo, as a “product for resale,” in any wholesale environment, unless you spend thousands for the right to distribute such a product.

Even if some of these items made their way beyond the connected channels of purchasing, exclusive clothing and handbag items like Louis Vuitton will have limited distribution in “hand picked’ boutiques, and well connected purchasing agents Sourcing Profits. In addition, there are people in the fashion industry, as well as other branded industries that would rather have their merchandise burned, or buried before it would reach the wholesale, surplus, or drop-shipping market!

For a healthy does of honesty, and an eye opening perspective concerning the realities of purchasing designer clothes for resale, the Clothing Broker will definitely explode some popular myths about obtaining such items Sourcing Profits Review, The Clothing Broker:


Now lets address the Surplus & Salvage Industry. When people first encounter some of the offers from Surplus dealers, or brokers, they tend to suffer from what I call the “I just found Gold” syndrome. A feverish excitement permeates their brain cells, and reduces them to a quivering pile of jelly, leaving their reasoning skills inoperable Sourcing Profits Bonus! A few thousand dollars later, and after coming to the conclusion that their “Golden Opportunity” turned out to be bars of lead, elation, then turns to anger.

It is a cliche, and I hate using it, but it is more than appropriate when it comes to surplus and salvage products. “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!” Some Surplus dealers will hone in one at least one of seven deadly sins–greed! As with wholesale, you will never get certain products for “pennies” on the dollar Sourcing Profits Scam. One type of surplus product category that has some people losing their minds is surplus and salvage electronics.

The problem with electronics is that they have a low profit margin even when they are brand new. Finding surplus dealers with working, undamaged, electronic products can be a daunting task Sourcing Profits. Most salvage electronics can be in pretty rough shape, then you need to visit

What you are getting from most Surplus Dealers, or companies who specialize in electronic salvage is someone’s customer returns, i.e., “junk!” Unless you are a electronics technician, or recycler, then I would stay away from “salvage” electronics Sourcing Profits Review.

Even product that is not damaged, and still in the box or retail blister pack, can have a pretty high surplus price. If you find that someone is offering you a electronics item, be it a DVD Player, or Xbox, for eight dollars a unit, then “buyer beware Sourcing Profits Bonus.”


My last critique, and word of caution is about drop-shipping. You might have access to information about drop-shipping companies that would prove me wrong. I will not argue with anyone who is dealing with a dropshipping company who is serving them well. However, I will tell you that dropshipping is a risk Sourcing Profits Scam. I really can’t recommend any type of guide, or information that would lead you to a reliable source of drop-shipping companies.

Unlike surplus and wholesale, where you physically own and control the product, that option has been taken out of your hands. You are entrusting a company to ship products directly to your customers. If you get involved with a company who cannot deliver, or who is back ordered, you can find yourself with some very irate customers. Sign up fees, shipping fees, and expenses for support materials can really affect the bottom line Sourcing Profits.

Also, most drop-shipping companies like to send out product in volume. If you are selling just a few items per week, or per month, it might not be worth if for a drop-shipping company to deal with you. Large retail catalog companies use drop-shipping or “fulfillment” houses, but these companies cater to large scale operations Sourcing Profits Review.

The bottom line is this. When it comes to finding product supply for your business it pays to do your homework. Visit the company facility when you can. Never wire any money into a company account. Use a credit card, or Escrow service to protect yourself should your supplier not deliver, or send you defective merchandise Sourcing Profits Bonus.

Understand that you will not be able to get the latest and greatest technology or fashions at surplus and below wholesale prices. If you follow all of these rules, and you use common sense as your “crusade” you just might be able to find your own “Holy Grail,” of wholesale product supply Sourcing Profits Scam!

Amazon is the sales marketplace that originally started out as a place to sell books. But in the last decade it’s graduated to selling anything and everything… and become one of the biggest brands in the world. Not only that but it’s a famous brand that allows – in fact encourages – entrepreneurs to share in their success by selling products right there on Amazon itself Sourcing Profits.

Over the last couple of years Amazon have been working on another way you can make money in partnership with them. It’s called Fulfillment by Amazon.

How You Can Share in Amazon’s Global Success and Make Money from Fulfillment by Amazon

Now to me Fulfillment by Amazon sounds like a really exciting way of making money in the 21st century Internet age. Because it is a business model whereby you can just focus on marketing and making sales Sourcing Profits Reviews. Then have Amazon do all the “hard” physical work of stocking, storing and shipping your products to your customers for you.

You know, Amazon are always something of a puzzle to me! They come out with the latest, cutting-edge business models and invest millions in making them successful. There’s no doubt Amazon’s brand image, ordering and distribution systems are absolutely without equal Sourcing Profits Review.

Then they let any Tom, Dick or Harriet share them for free. Just why they would let ordinary people take advantage of all this for no up-front cost whatsoever, I don’t know! It seems crazy, it doesn’t seem to make sense at all, but they do it… and it’s almost always a big success Sourcing Profits Bonus.

So I thought it’s high time we came back to Amazon and looked at exactly how Fulfillment by Amazon works, whether it is as good as it sounds… and whether it can make some money for you.

Amazon… did you know?

* Amazon attracts 50 million consumers a month worldwide.

* Amazon has been voted the third favourite UK retailer (after John Lewis and IKEA) Sourcing Profits Bonuses.

* 1.3 million businesses are selling on Amazon.

* Amazon’s business grew 18% last year… when most businesses were shrinking.

So, what is Fulfillment by Amazon exactly?

The basic concept of Fulfillment by Amazon, like all Amazon’s concepts, is simple… although there are a lot of ins-and-outs which I’ll look at later. With this service you send whatever products you want to sell (your inventory as Amazon like to call it) directly to Amazon. Whether it be books, CDs, clothing, computer accessories, toys, or whatever Sourcing Profits Scam. They store it in their warehouse for you. Then when orders are received Amazon will pick, pack and ship the product directly to your customers for you.

You can use Fulfillment by Amazon whether you just want to sell a few things on Amazon as a sideline or want to sell thousands of products. You can use it if you are starting a new business or have an existing one that you want to change over to Fulfillment by Amazon.

You can use Fulfillment by Amazon to send out things you are selling on Amazon itself or things you are selling elsewhere. This is what Amazon called Multi Channel Fulfillment Sourcing Profits. One more thing: if you start using Fulfillment by Amazon you don’t have to have everything fulfilled by Amazon. You can use it for some products and not others.

Sourcing Profits Pros and cons

So then, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Fulfillment by Amazon:

Pro. You get to benefit from Amazon’s reputation. Amazon is a brand that’s trusted by customers worldwide. When they order something that is shipped by Amazon they know they will get it. And fast Sourcing Profits Review. And they know they can return it if they want to. This can make a massive difference when they are deciding whether to buy from you.

Pro. You can offer faster service. Amazon has state-of-the-art online order processing and fulfillment operations. Chances are they can get your products to your buyers faster than you can.

Pro. Your products can be ranked higher on Amazon. With an Fulfillment by Amazon item your item shows up at the top of the search more often than not. Products from non- Fulfillment by Amazon sellers are listed by total cost (product price plus shipping) but your items are listed by price only Sourcing Profits Bonus. So often you can price your items close to the lowest total price, maybe be the first item in the list and attract more buyers.

Pro. Your customers can get free delivery. Using Fulfillment by Amazon will mean your customers get free delivery on your products… using Super Saver Delivery or Amazon Prime. That can give you a big advantage over sellers who don’t use Fulfillment by Amazon.

Pro. Lower overheads. You’ll need to do the figures but, in most cases, there can be good cost savings Sourcing Profits Scam. With FBA you won’t need premises for storage, staff to do picking/shipping and associated admin. It might even mean you can drop your prices, sell more goods and yet still make more profit.

Pro. You can be MUCH more productive. I think this is the biggest potential benefit. When you use FBA you won’t need to spend time sorting, warehousing, picking and packing goods. Amazon do it for you. They can also handle customer services, returns, etc.

This means you can spend almost all your time actually marketing and selling – things that make you money. And because you can spend more time doing that you should, at least in theory, be able to make more money Sourcing Profits.

Now, although Amazon will tell you there aren’t any disadvantages to FBA I think there are a few you need to bear in mind:

Con. It’s not so good for products that take a long time to sell or which are unproven sellers. Because you have to pay a monthly storage fee for as long as Amazon have your products.

Con. Using FBA might make it difficult to compete with other sellers, especially those also using FBA.

Because how are you going to differentiate your product and your service from theirs Sourcing Profits Review?

Con. This is what I think is the main drawback of Fulfillment by Amazon. Your business is almost totally reliant on Amazon.

What if something goes wrong… for example their systems fail and they don’t fulfill your orders or lose your stock? Or if they put up their prices?

And what if, after getting your product in an Amazon box, the buyer just decides to go back and buy from Amazon next time?

Getting started with Fulfillment by Amazon

So let’s have a look at how you can get started using Fulfillment by Amazon.

At this point I should say that there’s tons of detailed information on how it all works at the Amazon website. But that’s really hard going and a lot of it is difficult to follow Sourcing Profits Bonus. So here I’m going to try to give you a simple, user-friendly summary of Fulfillment by Amazon.

First of all Fulfillment by Amazon is not separate to the other methods of using Amazon. It is fully integrated with them. You just set up to sell on Amazon Marketplace in the usual way then choose to FBA the products you want to.

It’s very easy to get started with Amazon Marketplace. You don’t need to register in advance. You can open a seller account when you list your first product. To register as a seller you will need a business name, an address, a display name (which can be your business name or something else), a credit card and a telephone contact number. That’s all you need to get started. Go to, scroll down the page to ‘Make Money With Us’ and then ‘Sell On Amazon’ to get started Sourcing Profits Scam.

Amazon offers two ways of selling – informally called ‘selling a little’ or ‘selling a lot’.

Basically ‘a little’ is for occasional and hobby sellers who expect to sell less than 35 items a month. It costs 86p plus a referral fee for each sale and you can’t sell in all the Amazon categories Sourcing Profits. Selling ‘a lot’ is for businesses who expect to sell more than 35 items a month. You pay a £28.75 monthly fixed fee and a referral fee. You can sell in all the Amazon product categories. The ‘selling a little’ option isn’t really for use with Fulfillment by Amazon.

To use Fulfillment by Amazon fully you will also really need to become what Amazon call a Pro Merchant Seller. Pro Merchants have access to volume selling and bulk listing tools Sourcing Profits Review. There is a web interface that allows you to more easily manage your product descriptions, inventory and orders. You will also be able to export and import information to and from your account. Normally the Pro Merchant option will work out much cheaper and therefore will allow you to work on tighter margins and make money from products and sales those who sell just “a little” can’t.

If you are already selling on Amazon all you need to do is convert to a business account and ask them to enrol you in Fulfillment by Amazon. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up so you can just try it and see how you get on Sourcing Profits Bonus.

Tip. When you sign up to Fulfilment by Amazon with you can only sell things within the UK. Which strikes me as a bit odd, seeing as how the Internet is supposed to be a global way of doing business. You can sell using Fulfillment by Amazon in some of the other countries Amazon operates in – Germany, France, USA and Japan – but you need to sign up with them separately. Initially you probably wouldn’t want to do this but it could be a way of expanding in future Sourcing Profits Scam.

Sourcing Profits is a new ecommerce course created by Gauher Chaudhry & Paul Sinclair offers a proven system that professionally prepares and trains Amazon and ecommerce sellers on how to approach sourcing products for the world-wide marketplace.

Gauher Chaudhry has been an online marketer for the last 16 years. He is the creator of the Pay Per Click Formula, Pay Per View Formula and Media Buying Sumo courses and regarded as one of the authorities when it comes to paid traffic generation. Gauher has spoke at numerous international seminars and is a highly sought-after consultant.

Paul Sinclair, who routinely makes $500K a month with Amazon selling anything from cell phone accessories to health supplements. Gauher met Paul in person for the first time when he went down to the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) live event in June and he is one of the top experts on selling with Amazon. He gave a great presentation on outsourcing to China and was literally mobbed the crowd when he stepped off the stage.

What makes Paul so successful with Amazon is that he only sells high quality items. He outsources most of his products from China and only after he has gone their and done full factory tours and product inspections.

Gauher Chaudhry, and international sourcing guru, Paul Sinclair, have teamed up to present this one-of-a-kind mega-training course on how to properly source products with fulfillment from China and around the world.

To see this as just another training system on sourcing products would be an understatement…

In fact… this is the Go-To Training Course On Sourcing!

No stones are left unturned. The Sourcing Profits training program will compliment and complete any ecommerce or Amazon training systems you currently own.

Each module builds upon the foundation leading up to the most advanced level of sourcing achievable.

From finding factories, agents to packaging and shipping… down to getting products into customer’s hand.

Sourcing Profits has it all.

Every type of ecommerce or Amazon business owner should have this course.

The training is delivered in both video and PDF format and, unlike many other training programs out there, the PDFs are not simply transcripts of a conversation but rather are detailed training guides, which are broken down to offer step-by-step guidance through the entire system.

The material covered in the Sourcing Profits, is 100% proven and is not based on any theory. It is the exact system that Paul Sinclair uses for his own business, and he reveals everything. Absolutely, nothing was held back and that also includes some never before talked about promotion strategies that are not for the weak of heart (don’t worry, nothing illegal… just insanely powerful).

Why Selling Physical Products is Better than Affiliate Marketing?

– Your building YOUR own business, not someone else’s: This is so true Nick! Affiliate marketing has taken on a form over the last 5-6 years I think almost destroyed it, the “syndicate” issue I call it. To many people hocking software and cheap tricks created by gurus that are, in the end, not all that great.

– Your building a list of customers you can sell to in the future: True again. See, because you are actually selling mostly tangible products people usually purchase on a regular basis, your brand and name stay in tact. Because you are not selling every hack system out there and real products, you become the go-to guy or gal in the future.

– Your building authority and a brand that lasts: Like I said in the last statement, you are truly building the two things here online that matter to people as much as they do to search engines, authority and trust. That in turn…builds you a profitable brand over the long haul.

– Customers tell others who they trust, and where to get a deal: Your Sourcing Profits business is your business, and if you build that type of brand people trust, well, people will spread the word almost as fast as a search engine. Nothing is better than word of mouth business, especially online.

– Sourcing Profits is all about selling real products, not tricks and hack systems: This is an opportunity, this is a type of affiliate program, but this is not a typical program, it is real. Today’s affiliate industry could use a little more Sourcing Profits, and a whole lot less “syndicates” selling dreams.

Is Sourcing Profits Worth The Price?

That’s a tougher call to make.
Only you can decide if it’s worthwhile – for you.
But there’s one redeeming feature… Gauher Chaudhry & Paul Sinclair offer an unconditional 100% money-back refund guarantee in case you are not completely happy with what you get.

The Sourcing Profits system is an extremely versatile program that is workable in any location. The money earned can be deposited into your, bank account received via a check or via payoneer card.

In the members area you will get access to software, training videos, pdf instructions and money making tutorials. Sourcing Profits system comes with very powerful and tested method to make money from Amazon. It does involve lots of tools and money making strategies.

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My Sourcing Profits Bonus package is RELEVANT to what you’ll learn from Gauher Chaudhry and Paul Sinclair and they COMPLIMENT Sourcing Profits.

In other words you won’t be getting a bunch of outdated PLR junk to clutter up your hard drive and you won’t be getting a bunch of crap that distracts you with information overload.

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Sourcing Profits Bonus #1
Private Label Rights To “Work At Home Mastermind” Video Turnkey Business! (Value $3,397.00)

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what is inside “Work At Home Mastermind” PLR eBook & Video Series…

  • Discover how to find the right affiliate products to promote for fast cash, ensuring that you NEVER waste time or money on low converting offers!
  • Learn how to build profitable blogs that suck in targeted traffic! Never pay for a designer to create your website again! These fast-track strategies will help you develop an online presence in 2 hours or less!
  • Basic Skills For A Strong Foundation – This chapter offers a quick start primer to everything relating to online business! Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to be an absolute success online! (Never look like a ‘newbie” again)
  • Explore Chapter 2 for proven strategies of making money online. These methods are used by the most wealthiest marketers online and are guaranteed to yield results!
  • Effective, low cost traffic generation strategies that will send an unlimited surge of traffic to your blogs and websites, quickly and easily! Most of these methods cost absolutely NOTHING to use!

+PLUS This Private Label Rights Package includes…

  • COMPONENT #1: High quality eBook in PDF & Word format that’s over 50 pages ($500 Value)
  • COMPONENT #2: High quality video series with over one hour of content ($1,497 Value)
  • COMPONENT #3: Audio in MP3 format ($297 Value)
  • COMPONENT #4: Professional Sales Page crafted by a seasoned copy writer. ($297 Value)
  • COMPONENT #5: Five-part Autoresponder Series ($97 Value)
  • COMPONENT #6: Professional graphics package ($197 value) – includes header, footer, e-covers
  • COMPONENT #7: Complete, 100% Original Affiliate Center, featuring exclusive, original graphics (emailers, forum signatures, text link ads, animated banners, ecovers, etc!) – ($197 Value)
Sourcing Profits Bonus #2
Secret $121,000 Product Launch Videos (Value $2,497.00)

8 real-time videos walking you through my $121,000 product launch in 7 days revealing all the tips & tricks required to deliver a profit pounding 6-figure product launch! Here’s what you will learn from each videos:

  • Video 1: Watch me hit the GO button and make $2,433 in the first hour!
  • Video 2: A quick update after the first 10 hours … making over $12,000!
  • Video 3: Day 3 … $78,812 Total gross sales & conversion tips
  • Video 4: Day 6 before launch discount ends with very IMPORTANT joint venture partner tips!
  • Video 5: Final launch day results, $121k in 7 days plus my secret JV tip that increased profits!
  • Video 6: $126,575 in 12 days … plus awesome tips for increasing optin rates!
  • Video 7: 1 month update, $138,771 in 30 days! Plus several important tips that drove-up my profits to well over 6 figure. You don’t want to miss this video!
  • Video 8: Quick video proving I hit #1 in Clickbank and a tip on how I added over 180 JV partners to my product launch!
Sourcing Profits Bonus #3 Internet Marketing Uncut (Value $1,997.00)

Internet Marketing Uncut is a full blown online study course that contains over 40 high quality videos plusadditional PDF reports. The power of this course is truly unbelievable. It finally allows the normal person to break free and make a lucrative income online without having to have special connections or be apart of the elusive “inner circle”. One of the greatest things about Internet Marketing Uncut is that it teaches you how to replicate your efforts for even more profits. Let’s just say for an example you create a website and it generates $5000 a month for you. Which is a nice little income but it really isn’t anything groundbreaking yet. But here is the power of Internet Marketing Uncut. Using what you will learn in the course you will be able to generate a second website that produces the same amount of income for you. So all of a sudden from just two little websites you are now earning 5 figures per month which is OVER $100,000 a year. All of this can happen within a blink of an eye because with Internet Marketing Uncut you have a proven system that creates these websites for you. You can replicate your efforts over and over again.

Sourcing Profits Bonus #4 Marketing Secrets Mastermind (Value $1997.00)

Every once in a while an absolute ‘golden’ internet marketing course is released which absolutely changes the face of online marketing as we know it.

The people who produced this course have helped shape online marketing as it is today. There are very few successful online merchants who haven’t been positively influenced by at least one of the internet masterminds on this page.

The Marketing Secrets Mastermind course was put together to condense down into a step-by-step system, many of the various strategies and tactics to creating from next-to-nothing a multi-million dollar online business. Here is who you are going to learn from and what you’ll learn from each of them:

  • Annie Jones – Million Dollar Business Strategies
  • Ted Nicholas – Master Copywriting
  • Andrew X – Marketing Leverage
  • Jason Potash – Content Publishing
  • Michael Cheney – Master List Building
  • Joel Comm – Adsense Success
  • Willie Crawford – Master Affiliate Marketing
  • Jason Annie Jones – Product Launch Secrets
  • Louis Allport – Multimedia Marketing
  • Richard Butler – Thinking Rich

And there are 30+ hours of extra videos in this product too, they contain step by step information on every aspect of building a website and gaining visitors to that website. It is a hugely comprehensive product.

Sourcing Profits Bonus #5 Full Access To Internet Millionaire System (Value $997.00)

You’ll get step-by-step videos! Each Internet Millionaire System module, starting with Module 2, contains links to quick “how-to” videos that make it drop-dead easy to do every step making money online. Here are some secrets you are going to learn:

  • How to find product candidates at some of the very best sources online today!
  • The easy way to analyze any product from any source to see if it’s a winner or a loser…and be right 99% of the time.
  • 3 simple ways to recover your investment in any product in literally days (yes, that means fast money, and maybe even big money).
  • Core traffic strategy, which combines free methods and paid methods to get you started fast and grow your business to levels you might think are insane even to dream about.
  • 8 free traffic strategies that can give you avalanches of traffic for years without costing you a dime.
  • 3 paid strategies and the EASY way to use them so you won’t spend sleepless nights worrying about runaway costs.
  • 3 specific tactics for making more money on every single sale you make, almost right away…and the simple copywriting tips to let you do this with confidence.
  • And many many more…
Sourcing Profits Bonus #6 Full Access To Internet Business Basics (Value $497.00)

There are 21 practical “how-to” videos in this Internet Business Basics package that cover everything from understanding how HTML works to advanced topics like integrating video into your web pages. It’s like having a Internet business technical adviser on call twenty-four hours a day! Here are some of the topics covered in these professional videos:

  • How to choose and register your domain name
  • How to set up your web hosting account
  • How to create a simple website
  • How to add video and audio to your website
  • How to add a float-in to your website using a free script
  • How to create a WordPress blog
  • How to create a simple opt-in page
  • How to cloak your affiliate links using free tools
  • And many many more…
Sourcing Profits Bonus #7
Social Media Marketing Software & Traffic System (Value $497)
  • The exact system to get rabid buyers to follow you on Social Media networks such as Twitter, Facebook etc. (I use this system every day). Includes proprietary software that automates the entire process for free!
  • High-Impact video tutorials that go through step-by-step detail on using Social Media to build a massive email list!
  • Blueprints and PDF documentation and manuals that make it super easy to follow to follow step-by-step and get up and running immediately!
  • Plus much much more – Includes several bonuses that cover Twitter and other networks extensively to help get you thousands of buyer leads to your autoresponder account for free almost instantly along with FREE traffic and FREE backlinks!
Sourcing Profits Bonus #8
$95/Day Profit Automatic Income & Lead Generation System (Value $497)
  • The exact system I use to make $95/day PROFIT on autopilot – without a product, without a website, without a list and more importantly without selling anything myself!
  • No prior experience required as this homestudy course covers one strategy in ready to follow format.
  • No “fluff” – straight to the point videos teach you exactly how to get setup and get up and running immediately with this system.
  • Includes comprehensive PDF transcripts, manuals and documentation that go through tremendous detail on everything that you need to do!
  • Plus much much more – The “shock-and-awe” bonus that has already a crazy success rate that newbies and “lazy” people are using to cash in big pay days every day!
Sourcing Profits Bonus #9
Massive Traffic Method Video (Value $497)

Secret MASSIVE Traffic Method I Recently Discovered … how to get unique visitors at 1.4 cents per visitor!

I also show you the exact keywords that were making me money with a zip submit CPA offer! Basically, I sent traffic to a page that only asks for the web visitor’s email address … for every email address submitted into that form I made cash! Very easy stuff …

This is NOT PPC … this traffic method uses something called Pay-Per-View (PPV) and is an amazing way to leach off of other people’s paid traffic … 100% legal!

Try finding traffic at 1.4 cents per click using Google! YA RIGHT … that would be nearly impossible for anyone!

Sourcing Profits Bonus #10
Full Access To Affiliate Extreme System (Value $197.00)

In this Affiliate Extreme System, you will learn Mark Ling’s Secret of making $119,427.95 in just 2 weeks in affiliate commissions. Here are some of the topics covered on Affiliate Extreme System:

  • The strategy that you can use to skyrocket your affiliate commissions by 200% and more.
  • How to construct a highly profitable landing page for pay per click.
  • Special 6 part “getting started” video course for Newbies.
  • How to legally steal your competitors keywords, and a whole lot more.
  • Secrets of how to make 5 figures in a single week promoting other people’s launches.
  • How to get high natural search engine rankings so you’ll get tons of free traffic.
  • How to use viral marketing strategies to gain floods more visitors and sales.
  • Super affiliate blogging secrets, from how to set up your own blog to how to market it online to gain high search engine rankings and lots of extreme affiliate sales.
  • On page search engine optimization, how it works, and the free software that you need to analyze your web pages so that they are definitely perfect and ready to be ranked highly for your chosen keywords.
Sourcing Profits Bonus #11
Secret Traffic Profits ($497 Value)
  • This is an incredible traffic training course that reveals a brand new traffic source that has never been seen before!
  • This video training will take you through every step and show you exactly what you need to do…
  • This awesome training package contains step-by-step videos that you can start using to profit today!
Sourcing Profits Bonus #12
Top Ranking Genius Bootcamp ($497 Value)
  • You will never worry about getting top search engine rankings after you go through this revolutionary 10 module bootcamp!
  • Get top rankings for almost every long-tail keyword of your choice and drive tons of free traffic to any offer you like!
  • These videos are in step-by-step “point and click” format that allows anyone to apply and get top rankings at laser speed!
Sourcing Profits Bonus #13
Magic Affiliate Page Builder Software ($497)
  • Attract more affiliates fast to promote your offers.
  • Create sparkling new affiliate pages in minutes…
  • Boost your traffic and sales 10x in just days!
Sourcing Profits Bonus #14
Seo Traffic Robot Software + Training ($697 Value)
  • Instantly submit your sites and blogs to authority sites on the internet.
  • Get TOP rankings on Google, Yahoo & Bing with the revolutionary multi-account and virtual assistant support for outsourcing.
  • Get hundreds of backlinks and boost your website popularity using this push button software with the lifetime premium license!
Sourcing Profits Bonus #15
Pocket Copywriter Software ($297 Value)
  • New software instantly creates high converting affiliate pages and sales pages without any copywriting skills.
  • The software gives you the top converting headlines and writes your sales copy for you!
  • Send traffic you generate using SEO Traffic Robot software to these affiliate pages and sales pages you create to supercharge your profits.
Sourcing Profits Bonus #16
List Machine Software Package ($497 Value)
  • Build your email list with ease – create flash squeeze pages in minutes!
  • Software boosts your optins by 50% instantly!
  • Works with all autoresponders including aweber, getreponse and others!
Sourcing Profits Bonus #17
Outsource Code Home Study Course ($497 Value)
  • The exact system to make $95/day PROFIT on autopilot – without a product, without a website, without a list and more importantly without selling anything himself!
  • No prior experience required as this home study course covers one strategy in ready to follow format.
  • No “fluff” – straight to the point videos teach you exactly how to get setup and get up and running immediately with this system
  • Includes comprehensive PDF transcripts, manuals and documentation that go through tremendous detail on everything that you need to do!
  • Plus much much more – The “shock-and-awe” bonus that has already a crazy success rate that newbies and “lazy” people are using to cash in big pay days every day!
Sourcing Profits Bonus #18
Six Figures Traffic Mentorship Bootcamp ($497 Value)
26 Comprehensive Step-By-Step Over-The-Shoulder Videos Cover…
  • How to find product candidates at some of the very best sources online today…which took some serious detective work to locate, and didn’t even exist when I got my start.
  • The easy way to analyze any product (or product component) from any source to see if it’s a winner or a loser…and be right 99% of the time.
  • My simple method for customizing a product to make it “yours” quickly and easily.
  • Includes comprehensive PDF transcripts, manuals and documentation that go through tremendous detail on everything that you need to do!
  • 3 simple ways to recover your investment in any product in literally days (yes, that means fast money, and maybe even big money).
  • The almost laughably easy way to make money on autopilot for months or years…from a single sale to one customer!
  • And much much more covered in crystal clear, step-by-step over-the-shoulder videos!

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