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Does Publish and Profit really work? Is Mike Koenigs Publish & Profit worth your time and money? Find out in my honest Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Review! Is It Legit or scam?

Publish and Profit

Publish and Profit Review

There is a ‘war’ going on in the publishing industry Publish and Profit. Some people believe a writer should only approach publishing houses like Harper, Bantam or TOR. Other people believe that smaller, independent or POD publishers are the way to go. One thing is for sure; there are many aspects to contemplate when looking for the right publisher. First, what is right for one person may not be right for another Publish and Profit Review. In order to make a well-informed decision you must consider the differences between the three main types of publishing.

Traditional publishing is the writer’s dream. A ‘big house’ publisher contacts you and loves your manuscript Publish and Profit Bonus. You sign a contract a few months later. Approximately two to three years later, your book is in print and on the shelves. If you self-publish (or use a vanity press), you invest a hefty sum of money―usually $10,000 or more. You must store hundreds of books in your basement or pay for warehousing Publish and Profit Scam. Your book is in print and usually on the shelves in less than six months. If you use a Print-On-Demand publisher (POD), you invest a minimal amount―usually less than $2000.00. You receive 2 – 40 FREE books to do with as you please, and your book is in print in about two months Publish and Profit.

Traditional Publishing:

With traditional publishing, a writer must abide by strict guidelines and every publisher has their own specific preferences. Some of the ‘big houses’ such as Berkley, and Random House will not even consider looking at an author if the writer does not have an agent Publish and Profit Review. Most will not accept unsolicited work (which means simply that they have to request to see your manuscript, whether through an agent or as a result of your query letter).

The most important step is the query letter, and there is one rule to follow Publish and Profit Bonus. The same rule applies to any piece of work you write, and is what I call The Three Firsts – first sentence, first paragraph and first page. The first sentence must grab your audience (even a potential publisher) and should contain the title of your work Publish and Profit Scam. It must give them a reason to read further and ‘hook’ them into wanting to read more. The first paragraph must give an even stronger hook; otherwise, your query will be filed…in the trashcan. The first and ONLY page in a query letter should answer the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, why) and how Publish and Profit. Who will buy and read your work? What is the plot? Where does the story take place and where do you see it going? When will it be finished? Why will the public be interested and why should that publisher invest their time and money in you and your work? And how are you going to help promote your work after it’s finished Publish and Profit Review?

Once you’ve sent a query letter, you may be required to wait up to 6 months for an answer. If you have not already been published, or if your query letter did not grab their attention, you will receive a standard form letter, a.k.a. the rejection letter Publish and Profit Bonus. If the publisher is interested, he may ask you to submit a proposal or plot summary and a few sample chapters. This may sit on his desk for months before he digs through the slush-pile of submissions he receives daily Publish and Profit Scam.
During the editing stage, the editor assigned to you will ruthlessly cut, shred and tighten your story, to their satisfaction. Sometimes you may agree with their editorial scissoring, and other times you may not. Some editors will work with you and help you churn out a top-notch novel. Others may wield their power over you until you feel someone else has written your story Publish and Profit.

With a traditional publisher your book could take years before it sees the bookstore shelves. In the process, the publisher will determine the cover design (you may have some input, but usually the publisher makes the final decision). In most cases, you will make less than a dollar per book sold Publish and Profit Review.

There are, however, undeniable benefits to being published by a traditional publisher. These books are accepted and found on most bookstore shelves. These books are returnable; this is an advantage for the customer but a disadvantage for the author as a large percentage of traditionally published books are returned or damaged Publish and Profit Bonus. A ‘big house’ publisher will spend money on promoting you and your work; they will often arrange for interviews, appearances and booksignings. Your work will qualify for more contests, be considered more readily for movie options and, in general, you will be regarded as a professional author Publish and Profit Scam.


You can self-publish your book by taking your files to a printer, having them do a large run of copies, and finding a bookbinder to bind the cover or using a vanity press self-publisher to do everything Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015. Years ago I self-published three books. I hired a layout editor, a printer and a bookbinder to publish my children’s books. By the time I was finished, I had paid $150.00 for 18 hardcover, picture book prototypes―$150.00 each Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Review! My childcare directories were cheaper to publish (they cost about $5.00 each for about 100 copies) They sold for $5.99 so I made very little from them. (I still have unsold copies sitting in my basement.)

With self-publishing the biggest drawback is that you will usually have to invest thousands of dollars to publish a large print run of your book. You can print off smaller runs of your book but that will affect your retail cost and profit Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Bonus. Some people have invested $10,000 to $20,000 (especially with vanity presses) for thousands of copies of their book, as this reduces the individual copy price drastically Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Scam. This means that when you sell your book, the profit margin is greatly higher than what you would receive from a traditional publisher.

The downside to this is that these thousands of books must be packaged (usually shrink-wrapped and boxed) and then stored. This leads to additional costs and often to a basement loaded with boxes of books Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015. Some authors who chose this method are still wading through the boxes of unsold books, after years of trying to market their work.

When you self-publish you must constantly find ways to market your own books. This means either hiring someone or spending hours per day organizing booksignings and trying to get your book onto a book distributor’s list Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Review. Most distributors will not even look at self-published books. Then there are the constant trips to the local bookstores, where even they will not look at you unless you are listed with a traditional publisher or a recognized POD publisher.

The advantages of self-publishing are that you have complete control over every aspect of your product―your book Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Review. You can design your own cover, layout the pages exactly the way you want, have the end product the size that you desire and market it wherever and however you feel. You can hire a publicist to help you, advertise any way and anywhere you want and schedule booksignings on your own schedule Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Bonus.

POD Publishing:

Print-On-Demand is becoming the wave of the future in the book publishing industry. POD publishers are sprouting up all over the world because there is a huge demand for publishing companies that will take anything the public can crank out Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Scam. Consequently, anyone who wishes to be published CAN be published. While this is terrific for the person who simply wants to write his memoirs and keep it in the family, or for the grandmother who wants to leave behind a collection of family recipes, this method of publishing has its drawbacks for the serious author Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015.

For a Canadian author, POD publishing requires a payment amount that ranges between $500.00 to $3500.00. This will usually pay for a specific package Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Review. Every POD is different in what they offer in their packages, and you must be careful of POD’s that do not disclose all fees up front. Many POD’s will charge for every process: ISBN numbers, printing costs, cover design, layout services, listing services, and internet or regular marketing services Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Bonus. A few companies actually give you your money’s worth―Trafford Publishing is one.

With Trafford Publishing, the largest POD company in Canada, they offer comprehensive packages, and even allow you to upgrade later by paying the difference. They promise to deliver a completed product in four to six weeks Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Scam. I have personally used Trafford Publishing twice and have found their services beyond compare. There were no hidden charges, no waiting for email responses, and no issues with the finished products. In fact, both books were comparative to anything you’d find published by a ‘big house’ publisher.

Trafford was recently featured in PROFIT: Your Guide to Business Success and ranked 5th in the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada. Over 4000 authors (representing 5500 titles) from more than 75 countries use Trafford’s service Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015. 2% of all new titles published in North America, and about 250 new titles every month, come from Trafford Publishing.

There are other POD companies, as mentioned above. 1st Books, iUniverse, XLibris, and many more use the Print-On-Demand technology. You should always compare services Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Review. And there are things to look for before deciding which one to use. How long has this company been in business? This is a very important factor, especially with all the ‘fly-by-night’ POD’s that have come and gone. In general, you should not even consider a company unless it has a track record of at least 5 years Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Bonus.

The best way to find out how a company rates is to go directly to the source. Read testimonials from other authors that have used their services. Then ask the publisher for three names and email addresses not on the testimonial list Publish and Profit LIVE Event 2015 Scam. If the publisher will not release that information, check their site. Research their authors, find email addresses and contact them. It’s amazing what you will learn about a company by talking to the people who actually use their services. You will find out if the company is slow, if they return emails promptly, if there are unusual contract clauses, and if that company is worth your investment Publish and Profit.

You should also thoroughly research the publisher online. Look for complaints or articles about the company and look especially for the publisher’s site. Warning: If the publisher does not have his own .com, .net or .ca website―STAY AWAY. Never deal with a “publisher” who uses a sub-site address Publish and Profit Review. A serious, respectable publisher will always invest in a proper website! Otherwise you will be using “Joe-Blows” service or “Grandma Mae’s In-Home Publishing”. If a POD publisher expects to be taken seriously, they will invest in a professional site, hi-tech equipment and experienced staff Publish and Profit Bonus.

Remember to ask the 5 W’s and How:

Who owns the company? Are they experienced as a publisher? Do they have the contacts to promote you? How many years have they published books?

What have they published so far? Do they have hundreds of satisfied customers…or two or three? Some ‘publishers’ have advertised their services when they have only self-published their own work Publish and Profit Scam. What technology do they use for their printing, or do they hire out?

Where will your books be promoted? Will you be listed with book distributors? Will your book appear on and other prestigious websites?

When will you have a complete final product in your hands? Some POD’s take up to six months before you have a finished product Publish and Profit.

Why should you trust this company? What do they offer that is over and above the other POD’s? What are their policies? Ask for a copy of the agreement or contract ahead of time. Take it to a lawyer if you must Publish and Profit Review.

How much is their service going to cost? What is the total cost involved from beginning to end? Are there any hidden charges? Is it a safe risk and a realistic investment?

The advantages with a POD publisher are varied, depending on the company and their package deals. By choosing Print-On-Demand, you’ll be helping the environment and saving thousands of trees Publish and Profit Bonus. Your book will be printed as each order comes in; therefore, less waste. With a POD publisher, you can supply your own cover or hire someone to design a cover for you. You are free to promote yourself and your books any way you want Publish and Profit Scam. You can walk into a bookstore, speak with a manager and arrange for your book to appear on their shelves. A professional POD company will be on all the right ‘lists’, so you will not be as limited in what you can do with your book Publish and Profit.

Of course, for an author the best reason to go with a POD publisher is that you will not get a rejection letter, your book will finally be published and will be available to the public in less than six months, and you can finally call yourself a “published author”.

So, you want to be a published author Publish and Profit Review. Do you have talent and can you actually write something worth reading? Have you researched your market and target audience? Do you have the wisdom to have all your work edited by at least three other pair of eyes? Are you willing to ‘shamelessly promote’ yourself? If you have answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions, you can be published. With today’s technology and new outlook on the world of publishing, ‘getting published’ is easy! Choosing the right method of publishing is the difficult part. Trafford was ‘right’ for me, but it may not be ‘right’ for you. The war continues―the publishing war Publish and Profit Bonus.

How to get in the publishing process and how long will it take to see your book printed?

Conventional publishing option

It is a very long and difficult process to get a publisher even if it is at all possible for a new author Publish and Profit Scam. First you need to get a literary agent who is willing to introduce / represent your manuscript to a publisher. The rejection rate is about 95% at each stage… It can take many months or even years to find an agent and then a publisher… If and when your manuscript is accepted by a conventional publisher, it usually takes up to two years to see your book in print Publish and Profit.

Subsidy or vanity publishing option

It is extremely easy and fast to get a subsidy publisher. They will even solicit your manuscript through advertising or direct mail. They accept without question any and all manuscripts for publishing and print your book in a matter of months Publish and Profit Review.

Print-on-demand publishing option

This is actually the same type as a subsidy publisher – soliciting your business, accepting anything and being ready to print your book in no time. The only difference is that they print one book at a time which costs you less up-front, but not in the long run Publish and Profit Bonus.

Self-publish yourself

Starting your own publishing company is involved, not only in business terms but also in learning the art and science of publishing. After that you can move pretty fast – you manage the whole process yourself, interviewing and hiring all the expertise needed, such as book designers, printers, promoters, etc. And it’s not cheap Publish and Profit Scam.

Get help with self-publishing

If you don’t have time, money and/or inclination for running a publishing business, but still want to self-publish your book, you can find help in an advisory / promotional service for self-publishers that will lead you through the process Publish and Profit. You still self-publish, but save time, money and effort.

How much will it cost you to publish your book?

Conventional publishing option

This doesn’t cost you anything, the publisher will pay all book production expenses Publish and Profit Review. By saying this we aren’t considering the ultimate costs of losing most of your legal rights to your work, or for that matter your time spent on seeking representation, mailing copies of your manuscript to numerous agents, or the reading / copying fees that agents frequently charge new authors Publish and Profit Bonus.

Subsidy or vanity publishing option

You will pay everything up-front, that’s the way subsidy publishers make their money – from authors, not from selling books to the public. Most often it will be $10,000 to $20,000, sometimes more depending on the size of your book Publish and Profit Scam. You get about 200 copies of your book for that price and a promise of royalties if any book selling from the publisher happens in the future. Each book costs you about $50 to $100 up to this point, very likely precluding any profitability at all in the venture Publish and Profit.

Print-on-demand publishing option

Same thing – they make their money from you, the author, selling you your own books one at a time, printing-on-demand. The difference is that it costs less up-front, sometimes even nothing depending on company policies Publish and Profit Review. Don’t expect them to be selling to public on your behalf either – they only sell to you. Each book will usually cost you about $10 to $20 which often makes it impossible to sell your books through retailers as you can’t compete with other books’ prices Publish and Profit Bonus.

Self-publish yourself

We won’t consider here the costs of starting a business and educating yourself on publishing through courses, books, seminars, etc.; these differ a lot for various people in different situations Publish and Profit Scam. However, after all that is accomplished, you can have 500 to 1,000 copies of your book printed for about $3 to $5 per book which makes it competitive in price with books of any big publisher. We are speaking here about an average retail paperback book cost Publish and Profit.

Get help with self-publishing

The book price will be more or less same as above – you pay for services, but save on running a business.

How do you market / promote / sell your books?

Conventional publishing option

The publisher will take care that your book is delivered to distributors / wholesalers / retailers and that’s probably it. The publishers don’t spend money on promoting books of new authors as a rule Mike Koenigs Publish & Profit. Since consumers don’t know about your book, they don’t buy it. The retail shelf space is scarce and expensive, your book will go off the shelves in several months and that’s the commonly end of the story… You can change this into a success story of your book if you do the promotion yourself, however Mike Koenigs Publish & Profit Review.

Subsidy or vanity publishing option

As already said, the publisher had made their money up-front. There may be a clause in your contract saying that the publisher will mail some number of your books to reviewers for publicity, but as Dan Poynter says: “The name of a vanity publisher on a spine of the book is a kiss of death” – your book will never be reviewed Mike Koenigs Publish & Profit Bonus. That’s because reviewers review books that will be in book trade distribution channels where subsidy presses never get.

Print-on-demand publishing option

Same thing – the publisher (really hardly more than a printer) won’t do anything to market / promote / sell your book; it’s all up to you to create a demand for your book. The print-on-demand publishing seems inexpensive at the first sight, but don’t forget that it’s only at the beginning of the process – you still need to do marketing and promotion yourself or hire help for this. And one more important thing in print-on-demand publishing – watch the list price of your future book and at the same time what you pay per book Mike Koenigs Publish & Profit Scam. If your book is more expensive than other books “from the same shelf”, consumers will never buy your book. And keep in mind that if you want to sell retail, you must be able to give distributors / wholesalers / retailers their 40% to 60% share of the list price. Otherwise you can only sell to consumers directly Mike Koenigs Publish & Profit.

Self-publish yourself

You are in the driver’s seat and do everything yourself.

Get help with self-publishing

Hire help to do marketing and promotion for you.

Who keeps the rights for your work?

Conventional publisher always keeps all the rights Mike Koenigs Publish & Profit Review. You don’t have any influence on editing, changing the title, illustrations, cover art, publishing, marketing, etc. And you never get your rights back after you signed a contract.

Subsidy or vanity publisher and Print-on-demand publisher sometimes assigns right to themselves, sometimes only temporary, sometimes to you; the latter of course is much better Mike Koenigs Publish & Profit Scam. Watch the contract and negotiate if you are set on this course.

Self-publish yourself and Get help with self-publishing: keep all your rights. You are free to publish, re-publish, sell your rights in the future to TV and movie producers, etc.

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Massive Traffic Method Video (Value $497)

Secret MASSIVE Traffic Method I Recently Discovered … how to get unique visitors at 1.4 cents per visitor!

I also show you the exact keywords that were making me money with a zip submit CPA offer!

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In this Affiliate Extreme System, you will learn Mark Ling’s Secret of making $119,427.95 in just 2 weeks in affiliate commissions.

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  • The strategy that you can use to skyrocket your affiliate commissions by 200% and more.
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  • Special 6 part “getting started” video course for Newbies.
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Secret Traffic Profits ($497 Value)
  • This is an incredible traffic training course that reveals a brand new traffic source that has never been seen before!
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Top Ranking Genius Bootcamp ($497 Value)
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Magic Affiliate Page Builder Software ($497)
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Seo Traffic Robot Software + Training ($697 Value)
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Pocket Copywriter Software ($297 Value)
  • New software instantly creates high converting affiliate pages and sales pages without any copywriting skills.
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List Machine Software Package ($497 Value)
  • Build your email list with ease – create flash squeeze pages in minutes!
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Outsource Code Home Study Course ($497 Value)
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  • No “fluff” – straight to the point videos teach you exactly how to get setup and get up and running immediately with this system
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Six Figures Traffic Mentorship Bootcamp ($497 Value)
26 Comprehensive Step-By-Step Over-The-Shoulder Videos Cover…
  • How to find product candidates at some of the very best sources online today…which took some serious detective work to locate, and didn’t even exist when I got my start.
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